by Diego Alejandro / / January 25, 2019

To create this big, rich, robust porter we brewed an Imperial version of our beloved Pop’s Porter. We then aged this bad boy in freshly used whiskey and rum barrels to add complexity and to impart delicious notes of oak and vanilla. A deep dark black beer, with brownish red highlights it touts a thick tan head. It has a malty finish with notes of figs, dark chocolate and toffee. The English Ale yeast used in this beer gives esters of fruit and figs.

This unique beer with a big personality could only be matched with equally unique and big artwork. For this we partnered with the world renowned London Police who designed the label. Limited to only a handful of bottles, this beer is meant to be drank fresh or to be collected and saved for a special occasion

Pairing: raspberry tart and grilled steaks.

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by Diego Alejandro / /

As an homage to one of our favorite desserts, we’ve created this decadent Robust Porter brewed with a variety of roasted and chocolate malt and then aged it with actual chocolate and coconut. Enjoy this beer with your favorite girl scout cookies or paired with a chocolate macaroon. After your first sip, we’re confident you’ll want some’ mora… scouts honor!

Pairing: girl scout cookies or with a chocolate macaroon.

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by Diego Alejandro / / January 24, 2019

She’s a little nutty and that’s what we love about her. Our brewers craft a crisp Blonde Ale with a hint of sweetness and add hazelnuts to provide a distinctive layer of flavor. This easy drinking beer has a unique and nutty finish that pairs beautifully with shortbread, mince pie, and angel food cake.

Availability: June

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by Diego Alejandro / /

This surprising twist to a traditional czech style pilsner embodies the essence of one of Japan’s most iconic foods. This crisp pilsner is brewed with fresh cucumber, ginger, and a hint of wasabi for a well balanced kick of heat. Pair this beer with some delicious seafood, sushi or a shot of sake for a sushi roll sake bomb…Kampai!

Pairing: sushi, seafood salad or miso soup

Availability: may

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by Diego Alejandro / / January 29, 2019

Sunshine and tropical fruits define the Caribbean. Situated at the northern tip of this region, we crafted a vibrant and tropical tart beer brewed with a variety of the Caribbean’s most unique tropical fruits. This kettle soured ale is brewed with a healthy and balanced dose of fresh passionfruit, pineapple and mango. The perfect harmony of refreshing tartness and vibrant fruit flavors that pairs brilliantly with the steelpans of Calypso.

Pairing: seafood salad, Thai sticky mango rice, ceviche and sorbet

Availability: January – March

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by Diego Alejandro / / January 24, 2019

We brought two unique, amazing things about Puerto Rico together to create this festive beer. The Coquí is the common name for a species of small frogs that naturally inhabit the island and a Coquito is sometimes referred to as the “Puerto Rican eggnog”. Traditionally made with rum, coconut milk, sweet condensed milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves, the drink is commonly enjoyed around the Holidays. As an homage to this drink and the island of our founders, our brewers created Coqui-to. This Imperial Milk Stout is aged in rum barrels and finished with toasted coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves. The perfect beer to share with friends and family. You may even hear the coqui frog’s “ko-kee” call as you savor the flavors of this unique treat.

Pairing: arroz con dulce or tembleque

Availability: December

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by Diego Alejandro / /

Like abuelita’s recipe, this American Blonde Ale is brewed with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla to embody the flavors of the iconic rice pudding dessert. Arroz con leche’s light body and sweet notes make it the perfect ale to pair with a refreshing sweet treat or by itself.

Pairings: Desserts

Availability: November

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by Diego Alejandro / /

In the early and untamed days of Wynwood, our friends down the street brought the neighborhood freshly roasted coffee to help start the day while we were crafting beer to help Miami mellow out after a long day’s work. With Cup of Jose we brought together these two neighborhood staples. This rich roasty porter with hints of cocoa and toffee is brewed with their east coast espresso blend delivering complimentary notes of chocolate and sweet black cherry. The perfect beer for any time of day, as you’re waking up or settling down.

Pairing: pairs perfectly with eggs, pancakes, bacon or with desserts like flan.

Availability: October

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by Diego Alejandro / /

As Munich celebrates the world’s largest beer drinking festival and hoist their steins, our neighborhood hoists spray paint cans and paint brushes bringing to life wynwood. Wyntoberfest is a celebration of beer and art bringing these to worlds together. Crafted with traditional, imported German ingredients and brewed in the heart of the Wynwood arts district, this traditional German-Style marzen touts a rich amber color balanced with just the right amount of noble hops. A beautifully crafted, traditional amber Lager perfect to celebrate the incoming fall, even while it’s still in the upper 80s. Prost!

Pairing: traditional Bavarian food like pretzels and schnitzel

Availability: August-October

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by Diego Alejandro / /

Ay Hoppy Chulo. This Hazy Session IPA talks a big game with the full hop aroma of mosaic and citra but deep inside it’s a softy at only 4.8% Abv. Our take on a Session IPA has a juicy body and lower alcohol but Hoppy Chulo will smack hop haters upside the head with juicy dank tangerine, grapefruit, and papaya brought on by 3 different rounds of dry-hopping. With the light sessionable body and big hop flavor he’s balanced… A little bit of a lover and a fighter.

Pairing: indian curries, mild cheddar, minestrone, enchiladas

Availability: July

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