La NuevaLa Nueva

by Enrique Vittorino / / January 20, 2021

In music, films and the visual arts, New Waves tend to become timeless and classics. With this in mind, and feeling passionate about our craft, we brewed La Nueva with true lager lovers in mind. This premium amber lager showcases a deep golden hue and a touch of rich malt. With just the right balance of noble German hops, this beer has a delightfully smooth finish.

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Magic CityMagic City

by Enrique Vittorino / / January 23, 2020

Miami’s nickname, “The Magic City” was affectionately coined by developers in the early 1900s with the hope of bringing Northerners down to South Florida. As our enchanted home, we embraced this name and brewed a Pale Ale in her honor. This handcrafted American Pale Ale showcases a complex malt body balanced with a heavy dose of Mosaic hops. The result is a full flavored yet drinkable, dry-hopped ale with hints of orange which pairs perfectly with iconic postcard-like sunsets of our city.


PAIRING: Leicester cheddar, pizza and Mexican food

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by Enrique Vittorino / / September 28, 2017

Coming from a big Puerto Rican family, my dad and I live for family get-togethers and backyard barbecues. We wanted the perfect beer for those occasions so we crafted la rubia with only the finest ingredients. It’s not a lager and it’s not a pilsner. It’s a blonde ale. Light-colored, sunny, easy drinking y con sabor. Welcome to our familia, ¡salud!

Serve this beer in a classic pilsner flute.

Pairings: seafood, salad and light chicken dishes.

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by Enrique Vittorino / / October 3, 2018

Lock On is a genre of street art, where artists create installations by attaching sculptures to public furniture using lengths of chain and old bike locks. As an homage to this art form, we took an unassuming lager brewed with pilsner and vienna malts and locked on heavy doses of citra hops, dry hopping it with a pound per barrel. The result is a clean crisp lager with big citrus and floral hop aroma. You’ll need a bolt cutter to remove these hop flavors from your palette!

Pairing: tacos, citrus vinaigrette salad, hot wings and mild cheddar cheese

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by Enrique Vittorino / /

Paying homage to the streets of Wynwood, Laces is an ipa ready to enjoy with your neighborhood crew. Like the shoelaces that have been tied together and thrown over power lines, our brew ties together a mix of mosaic, amarillo and falconers’ flight hops and finishes clean with citrus and tropical fruit notes. Just like the many reasons people throw shoes over telephone wires, laces is a brew to be enjoyed on many occasions, from your daily grind to a night out.

Pairing: burgers, spicy pad thai, and mild blue cheese.

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by Enrique Vittorino / / September 25, 2018

Father Francisco is named after the first Jesuit priest that set up a mission at the Miami river in the early 1500s. This golden, light bodied brew has aromatic notes of cloves and other spices along with fruity esters. The candy sugar used in the beer lightens the body and increases the alcohol to create an easy going effervescent ale. Cheers!

Pairing: hazelnut waffles, crab cakes, spicy cajun dishes & triple crème.

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by Enrique Vittorino / / September 28, 2018

Pops was retired when I said, “hey Pops, let’s start a brewing company.” His response? “Make me a beer I can enjoy when I’m grilling and then we can talk.” Of course I hit him with a rich, chocolaty, malty beer and named it after him. Now you can find him at the brewery sharing stories and his dark porter. He’s pretty proud of its GABF® gold medal too. 

Pairings: smoked pork, dark chocolate coconut macaroons, gruyere cheese or a fine cigar.

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by Diego Alejandro / / January 25, 2019

In honor of our five year anniversary, our brewers created our biggest beer to-date, a 14% bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. Rich, toasty, chocolatey and deceivingly drinkable body, Ño is a masterpiece of a beer. In honor of each year, we created 5 versions of this including original, mole (with ancho, Guajillo, and árbol peppers, cinnamon and clove, and dark chocolate), tiramisu (with panther coffee, dark chocolate and vanilla coconut and vanilla and orange and chocolate (with dried florida orange peel and dark chocolate)

Pairing: dark chocolate truffles and aged gouda.

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by Diego Alejandro / /

Is this a Berliner Weisse? Is this just Raspberry? Caught in some lacto, an escape from the south Florida heat. This refreshing, tart, wheat beer is brewed with lactobacillus and fresh raspberry delivering a rockstar of a drinkable sour beer. Enjoy by the pool straight from the can or in a Belgian tulip glass paired with cheesecake and your favorite rock ballad.

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by Diego Alejandro / /

Wynwood Fox is based on the mythical creature that roams our concrete forest. Seen only in the midst of the night, we brewed this deep Red Hue Ale in its spirit. A zen balance of malt, light fruitiness, and full on hops round out this Ale. Pair this delicious Imperial Red Ale with corned beef hash, some fresh mozzarella, or if you’re looking for something sweet, then try it with some toffee pudding. Here’s to you little buddy!

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